December 19, 2021

 Colorful and Classic GILBERT ARIOZNA Wedding 



Tender and sweet moments are what build up a wedding and personalize it towards a couple. For Hailey and Colton, this was seen in the ceremony. To see his bride walk down the aisle with her father is something that a groom will never forget. Time seems to just stop and all you can see is her. Looking back on the wedding, it was all an absolute dream for the couple. It was all based on the communication between the bride and groom, talking together about what they wanted most on their big day, and collaborating on the details that overall brought the two individuals’ style together. This all created something that showcases their love and who they are together as a married couple.


Photographer: Emily Bridgman

Photographed for: Pinkerton Weddings

Coordination: Simple Beautiful Weddings
Venue: Ocotillo Oasis
Florist: Weddings by Blooming Bouquets
Hair & Makeup: Emily Mosby
Calligraphy: Etchings By Emma
Jewelry: Amanda Michelle Jewelry
Dessert: Piece of Cake Arizona
Dress: Stella York