Updated: Jun 17, 2019

My journey to photography was as natural as the world that God made. With my grandparents on both sides of the family exploring the realm of photography as artists, I was born with a love for rich light and details flowing through my veins. I grew up surrounded by the mountains in Utah, which provided me with a deep appreciation for the natural beauties in life. The contrast of the lush forest against the snowcaps and the cool color tones further allured me into the art.

With each still I take, I strive to tell a story in a way that is transparent and chic. Whether it is an old Parisian building with intricate metal arches or a shot of floral masterpieces intertwined with sheer fabric, my goal is to visibly create a narrative that evokes emotion in not only the viewer but the subjects.

I received my business degree with a minor in film from Grand Canyon University, which is unfortunately not in the Grand Canyon, but in Phoenix. The city-life atmosphere of Phoenix has allowed me to meet all types of creative and work with some talented people in different industries. My vision as a photographer is to produce a delicate balance between cinematic documentary styles, inspired by my multiple excursions to Paris, and my roots of the wild mountain terrain and desire to seek adventure in my everyday life.

I would love to someday have an in-home studio and be able to travel the world to capture moments for editorial, fashion, and fine art weddings. While I work towards those dreams, I continue to educate myself in the ever-changing industry of photography, experiment with new ideas and creations, and pursue life with a sense of qui vivra verra.

I believe that one should do what they love and I am grateful to be able to imprint that passion into a business that curates a moment and freezes it in time. Photography is a narrative and I make it my mission to tell the story well.

Tout l’amour,

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