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March 19, 2022

modern wedding & tea ceremony in ENCINITAS CALIFORNIA



Second photography for Lea Bremicker Photography

In most modern Chinese weddings, the tea ceremony is a significant tradition where the newlyweds show respect to the elders in their families, and they in turn show acceptance of the marriage. As the waves crashed tenderly and a salty breeze brushed through the reception, Janice and Jimmy went through the precious Chinese tea ceremony that showcased honor and respect, and a seriousness that showed how important marriage and family is. The wedding felt like the event of the season for every guest. The attire for the traditional tea ceremony showcased style and luxury, dripping with designers from Chanel to Cartier. Their entrance as husband and wife is still talked about today, thanks to their nephew JJ, who played Still Dre by Dr. Dre feat. Snoop Dog on the keyboard as they ran in, smiles wide, the groom in a custom suit, and the bride in a chic white puff sleeve dress. This coastal wedding combined rich elegance and Chinese traditions that made each and every guest feel like they stepped into a classic film.


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