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August 5-6, 2023

A Rustic Chic Wedding at Carmel Valley Ranch, California


Sammi & Hochi

In the picturesque landscapes of Carmel Valley, California, Sammi and Hochi embarked on a breathtaking two-day wedding celebration, a perfect fusion of cultures and traditions. Honoring Sammi's Korean heritage and Hochi's Filipino roots, their love story unfolded like a cinematic masterpiece, showcasing the beauty of unity and shared experiences.


The rolling hills of vineyards and lavender became the backdrop for a blissful cocktail hour. Guests reveled in the stunning views, sipping on crafted libations and indulging in delectable treats. The sweet scent of lavender danced through the air, mingling with the joyous laughter and heartfelt conversations, creating an unforgettable ambiance of pure enchantment.


As evening descended upon the valley, the reception commenced, bathed in the glow of a breathtaking sunset. Set against the backdrop of the mesmerizing vista, Sammi and Hochi celebrated with their closest friends and family, sharing a symphony of stories and infectious laughter.

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