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Liz + Tighe's Summer Wedding


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In a sunny Summer ceremony, Arizona-based couple Liz and Tighe celebrated their love at a destination wedding in Napa, California. The venue, Stanly Ranch Resort, encapsulated the warmth and comfort of a partnership that sparked to life nearly seven years ago.

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The Love Story

As students at Arizona State University, Liz and Tighe ran in similar circles without ever crossing paths. Then one day, years after graduation, Liz walked in her front door to find Tighe sitting on her couch. Though it seemed fate had conspired to bring them together while their mutual friends were visiting, Liz wasn’t looking to date. Still, they went out for drinks. They texted back and forth. Then one day, everything clicked into place.


“Tighe asked me to meet him after work for drinks. I wasn’t dreading it, but I didn’t really want to go,” Liz says. “I knew I should, though, so I went – and I had the best time. That’s when I knew there was something there.”


To this day, Liz and Tighe remain the ideal complements to one another. He’s the outgoing one, energetic and incredibly grounded. She’s the funny one, introverted with a gift for emotional intelligence.


“We balance each other out,” Liz says. “He’s one of the most passionate people I know, and he’s on the go all the time. I’m there to help him slow down, and he’s my rock when I need it.”

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The Inspiration

The moment they first arrived at the historic Stanly Ranch, Liz and Tighe knew it was where they were destined to say “I do.” The Napa wedding venue provided all the benefits of a destination wedding without straying too far from home, quite literally – their friends and family agreed that the ranch reminded them of the couple’s home. Like their own personal style, the elegant farmhouse feels modern yet intimate, grounded by organic materials like wood, stone, and verdant vegetation.

To add some flair to the traditional wedding photography ideas and décor, the couple opted to add some color to their décor. A palette of pastels proved the ideal choice for a timeless affair – think bridesmaids’ dresses in muted purples and blues, accented by dusty pink florals, all working in harmony to bring to life the dream of a summer in Napa.

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The Ceremony

Liz was able to see that dream come together as she got ready among the warm stone walls and exposed wood beams of Stanly Ranch’s Bell Suite. From the windows, the bride and her ensemble watched as the manicured garden was set up for the ceremony.


“Everyone always says the day is going to fly by, and I was nervous about being able to take it all in,” she says. “But watching them bring out the chairs and florals, going outside and standing there while they put everything together, helped it feel like it never went by too fast.”


Liz and Tighe made their promises under the beautiful August sun, with bees and butterflies swirling against the cloudless sky. Nature provided the perfect soundtrack for the duo, who have long called each other by the pet name “chicken,” in the form of chickens clucking in support from the nearby coop during the vows.

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The Party

After the literal and figurative butterflies of the ceremony came a celebratory cocktail hour. Guests enjoyed drinks and small bites – on chicken-themed napkins, of course. As the sun began to set, Liz and Tighe snuck away from their friends and family for a stroll through the vineyards, savoring a moment to themselves amid the festivities.


The heartwarming speeches and unique cake pop wall of the reception slowly trickled into a boisterous late-night party, guests taking to the dance floor to show off their best (and worst) moves. To cap it all off, an espresso martini bottle service was brought out. And while the film photos paint a picture of a night well-lived, they’re not the only mementos capable of telling a story – Liz’s sparkling afterparty dress is now covered in espresso martini, but she wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Coming soon!


Taylor & Scott’s Sophisticated Phoenix Wedding

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